This is Rolo the rescue dog that was rather matted dirty and smelly when he came into rescue, the 1st 3 pics are of him before he i groomed him.

Rolo after


                                                                                  Taz the working type Cocker before he was groomed/clipped. 

Taz in a spaniel clip. 

Taz in a complete clip. 

                                                                                                This is Finny the Scottish Terrier after his visit here at  Clip Top Dogs. 

Achie the Labradoodle before 

Achie after. 

Archie the Tibetan Terrier before. 

Archie after. 

 Charlie the Westie before.

Charlie, after. 

Harvey the Chinese Crested before coming to Clip Top Dogs. 

Harvey after looking a little less hairy. 

Nala the shih tzu cross before. 

Nala after 

 Shih tzu/lhasa cross before


Scotty before 

Scotty after 

 Standard Poodle i groomed at college in traditional poodle clip